Portugal Golden Visa Properties not in Lisboa or Porto?

Since Lisboa and Porta are excluded from ARI, we need to find properties other than these cities, so please share your info regarding the same.

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Not a big country but there’s a lot of alternatives. Depends on what you’re looking for. The Algarve is still open. The government would like you to go inland, Evora, San Pedro do Sul, several projects there. The Silver Coast is still open, Figueria da Foz to Nazare. It sounds like you need one of the property advisory firms to “give you a tour”.

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any recommendations from this group on property advisory firms? Is Faro still an option ?

Yes, Faro is still an option. However, we are still waiting on the official regulations on the restriction, there is no definite answer as to which area will be restricted and if all properties in those areas will be restricted. Official news/ regulations should be out this week.

BTW, if you need advisory on the where you can do GV, we provide that service and also have properties/ work with all major real estate agency. We are all waiting for the new regulations to come out. Should be this week. After that, we will have a much clearer picture of where you can buy.