Looking for a realtor


We are group of 3 friends and looking to invest in 3 units each at 280K or 350K euro options preferably in the same complex. Each unit will be owned individually so it can be used to secure golden visa for an individual and its family.

Can anyone suggest a good realtor in Porto, Coimbra or Alentejo regions?



Hi ! I can definitely help you . There are some really great options in Porto and we have some 280 options in Evora
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We are a top real estate agency residential arm of CBRE


Hi Tarawhiting-

Direct meesage me your contact information.


Hi Amit. Feel free to send me your contact details. I am helping some real estate developers in Portugal who have very good apartments offering guarantee yields.


Both government and business press sources are saying that next year’s budget will change the golden visa laws, eliminating Lisbon and Porto real estate as qualifying for the golden visa. The changes are not expected to affect those already given the golden visa.

Hi Dan-

It’s not clear to me if there is a hard date by which the application must be submitted for golden visa. Can any one point me to an online web-page published by a government?

All I have seen is several articles in media quoting possible elimination of path to golden visa via real estate investments in Porto and Lisbon. I am aware of the language published in Portugal budget on Feb 2020. But I have not seen a concrete confirmation from the government about when that policy will come into effect.


Hello Amit,

I work for a developer in Porto called Qualive and we are currently selling units in a fantastic development Dom Pedro Quinto that qualify for the 350k GV program!

Please PM me for more details.



Just sent you a private message.

Any change in the golden visa will be part of the national budget law. When the 2021 budget has passed parliment, it will be published on www.dre.pt, the Diário da República Electrónico.

The site gives choice of Portuguese or English. Use Portuguese[1] because when searching using English there are far fewer results. That’s because the site returns only pages that were submitted to it in English. To find the 2021 budget search this: “Orçamento do Estado para 2021”. To locate golden visa info, search the untranslated page for “Autorização de Residência para Investimento”

[1] Chrome browser translates using Brazilian Portuguese. To use European Portuguese, go to Bing Microsoft Translator. Paste the URL into the left hand box. Clicking on the URL in the right hand box opens the translated site in a new tab.

Example of search results for the 2020 budget: Legislação Consolidada - DRE

hi, do you have a site I can visit to view properties. I am not sure if there is ant benefit to me with th GV since I have dual citizenship with Italy and hold an EU passport so cost minimum may not be a factor for me.

Hello. I am interested in learning more. Please pm me any details you may be able to share. Thank you [email address removed by moderator]

PM me if you are still looking for information and i can share the details.

Yes, will be looking for one. Would like to connect before I am allowed to travel to Portugal.