Portugal GV - Am I too late for 350K option?

Hi Guys,
I am new to the forum and have been reading about investment option vs real-estate 350K option. Mercan option seems promising. Since i have yet to prepare for and start the process. do you guys think I am too late and may not be able to complete this before the new rule applies?

And would the new rule of taking Lisbon and Porto out of the program, impact 350K fund investment option as well?

While I am trying to explorer all option, did anyone here explored 280K low density area RE option as well? My initial feeling about this option is that property seems expensive, less lucrative and mostly sounds bit risky considering. Would you care to weigh your comments pls

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I think their deadline for Porto / Lisbon was Nov 15th, so you might be late. Having said that, please reach out to them. If you have the docs ready, they might still be able to make it work

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My understanding is that even if the 350k option is eliminated for Lisbon/Porto, it will not affect the 350k investment funds at all (except to likely make them more popular).

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I am starting the process with Mercan this week. They are confident it is not late yet.

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Hi! I’m Herbert. I’m interested in knowing more about your Porto Advance Rental payment statement. … end up €290, re.GV investment…

Kindly elaborate if possible, we could take this to the next level as I’m interested in a unit in or around the visinity/outskirts of Porto in conjunction with GV €350. Kindly send me your profile, so I know who I’m dealing with.

Thank you.


Thank you, sent PM

hi Gaurav? where did you get the information that said Nov 15th? please share the credible resource as I didn’t see official law publish on SEF, thanks!

The SEF deadline is probably end of the year. My impression was that the Mercan deadline was Nov 15th, as per this video, but they might be flexible with that. Best to reach out to them and check.


NO official announcement from government has been made. They were just saying that they are chances that they will end property investment options in Lisbon and Porto. They are still making the decision and there are different suggestions put on the table. It seems likely that they will eventually end, but it is possible that there will be a buffer period.

But nothing official, there are a lot of misleading information and rumours and speculations around this. We are watching closely and will inform our clients of the official announcement once it is out.

I don’t know who made up this Nov 15 deadline?


We have a 280k option. It is a “buy and sell back” option for a hotel unit for Golden Visa investors.

The advantage here is a much lower entrance fee, and the guarantee to sell the asset back to the developer in 5 years. Could be extended to 10, if investor prefers.

The developer group is rather strong and respectful, many projects successfully completed. They buy land or buildings by themselves, with their own cash. Then approve a new project and sign a contract with grand hotel operator. Start selling properties as shares in the project as soon as it is approved. Buy it back in 5 years.

Their in-house engineers and developers guarantee the contract accomplishment.

Let me know if you are interested. I can send you the materials for your info.

Hi Susan,
I have seen a lot of confusion and misinformation about the Lisbon/Porto purchase option, but no specific answers.

As I understand, in the 2020 Portugal budget they passed a law giving some government agency the authority to eliminate the option to purchase real estate in Porto/Lisbon and qualify for GV. The actual elimination of this has not occurred yet because this provision has not been invoked, but it is possible it could happen at any time, probably with 30 or 60 days notice. Is this basically correct?

Hi Michael,

Your information is basically correct. It’s still not clear why the government has not invoked the provision and if and when it will invoke, in what exact terms. There’s some unconfirmed rumours that this issue is very split amongst government members and one option would be to go ahead with banning real estate investment in Lisbon and Oporto but with a transition period.

This possible regulatory change has created much more interest in other options to obtain a GV, in particular on venture capital funds - some with a focus on real estate (there are a lot of talks about funds in this forum) that requires a minimum of 350k investment.

We are keeping a close eye on this matter. Will post here if there is an official announcement.

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Hi Susan, can u pls send me this info regards buy and sell back. Thanks, Niraj

Dear Nick,

Thanks for your email.

Can you provide your name, email, telephone number for our registering? Thanks.

trust you read the new deadlines

Its not too late but I wouldn’t wait too long because if the government can push the deadline back, they can easily move it up.

Hi Susana,

I was reading through old posts, and I saw that you had mentioned a 280K “buy and sell back” option for GV investors. How do I get more information on this?

Please send the material ,thanks

Hi Shahid,

Can you please send an email to me with your email address, nationality, and name, or send me your email so I can share the info with you?