GV Investment Funds, Service to Help Invest + Secure Visa

My wife and I are looking for a Full Service company/agency/lawyer with whom we could work to understand and vet Golden Visa funds, and usher us through the entire process. We’ve seen such services for real estate, but not for investment funds. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Nick


I’ve been living in Portugal for 4 years. I highly recommend Sara Macias. Contact me priv to get contacts.
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Hi Nick, I’m in a very similar situation as you. I am doubtful there are full-service options available, since it’s a niche category with not many applicants. The way I plan on approaching it to either work with a lawyer that has Golden Visa experience or a real estate full-service company who might be willing to take on an investment fund application.

Please feel free to DM me if you would like to collaborate.

My wife and I are just starting the same process and would be interested in a similar such resource. Would be happy to collaborate with you two if you are still working on this.

I’ve been headlong into the process. I have legal representation/counsel helping me vet all the Golden Visa investment funds. I have spoken multiple times to 8 of them, so have a very good lay of the land, and my lawyer does as well. My lawyer is unaffiliated, which is critical. Based on my investment profile and the various funds available, I plan to make a decision by early-September. (A number of private equity groups are spinning up new funds.) My legal will usher my wife and I through the process, including opening the bank account, filing the paperwork with the government etc. It’s not without its costs, however, so FYI.

If you’d like to meet my lawyer, happy to make the intro. I can also share the all the docs for the funds I have spoken with.

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Yes please for the intro and all fund documentation!

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We’re just starting this process, would appreciate any information

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Hi Nicholas, My husband and I are looking now for a lawyer to help us with the GV fund investment and general process. Are you having a good experience with yours? I’d love to get the information of your lawyer and the other lawyers you contacted but ultimately did not choose.

Thanks so much!

I am working with this firm. They are excellent and unaffiliated, which is key. He can help you set up all the calls with the various funds, which is where you should start. You should educate yourself deeply as the funds all have slightly different offerings, managers, and risk profiles.


HI Nicholas,

I am interested in the Golden Visa program. Is this something that you need a lawyer to complete or can you complete it on your own?

If you need a lawyer, or recommend one, can you give me an estimate of the consultant fees?

Thank you in advance for your help!

You can do it without a lawyer, but I cannot comment how long and successful that approach with be. Fees range from $7k - $10K for the whole process and managing the approvals at the 1 year and 3 year mark.

Nicholas, thanks for the offer to share the docs. I would love to see them.

I have found two service providers very useful: moviinn which does provide a full service, and Helena Solipa, an attorney in the Cascais area who has been specializing in this for 20 years. Helena doesn’t advertise a full service, but she handled everything for my parents very efficiently and cheaply.

I don’t know which of the two is better - probably worth speaking to both and comparing costs and seeing who you are most comfortable with. moviinn probably provides a wider range of service, and has specialist advice, Helena probably gives more personal attention.

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Would appreciate the info you have put together to date if you don’t mind sharing it. Thanks!

What are some of the top questions you suggest asking which best differentiate the funds or expose positives or negative aspects?

Do you mind sharing your thoughts and perhaps what your final fund choice was?

Hi Nicholas. My husband & I are just getting started in the GV process. Your comments already have been quite helpful, especially for your attorney recommendation. If you’d please share with me what you’ve learned about funds and if you’ve decided for yourself, I’d really appreciate it. (I know many others have asked this already; I hope you’re not overwhelmed with these requests.) Thanks.

Hi Nicholas,

I have just started exploring the funds. I would appreciate if you could share any details about the funds you have looked into.

Thanks for sharing the details of the law firm.


Is it possible to break the 350k Euro investment up and spread it across multiple funds? I noticed that in the prospectus of most funds, the minimum capital commitment was only 50k Euro. That would provide more downside protection and allow for diversification, curious if anyone has tried this before or knows. The idea would be for all of the 350k to still be contributed to Portugese funds, just not 100% allocated to a single investing entity.


Yes this is possible so long as it adds up to 350k. I am seriously looking at doing this for added diversity.