Equity funds Portugal

I’d like to apply for a Portuguese GV via investing 350K Euro in a local equity investment fund.
Any pros & cons?
How can I find potential funds? there seem to be no list or info anywhere.
Thanks !

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Hi Eyal,

I did my research in January 2020, since 350k seemed a better option than 500k. But after all, I decided to do for a traditional property path.
First, I contacted two lawyers mentioned here. They represent two funds: PT Co Innovation and NEST Capital. I had a call with each representative, got the documentation. Both funds are completely not transparent, there is no guarantee whatsoever (e.g. in US or UAE the state can secure your investment against the fund going broke, or the fund can have an insurance) - there’s a good chance you’ll be left with “not yet developed” property. There are not much more funds that are within SEF requirements (mainly being they invest in Portugal only). I’ve contacted a few more, some even didn’t get back to me as if they are not interested in investors :slight_smile:
There are firms that manage wealth as they say, they know a bit and you can have a chat with them e.g. Optylon Krea.

Also, it’s a very important thing to find a good laywer. The one that you will be helped by in Portugal. And it better be a person which is not associated with the fund. Apart from the visa application you will have lots of other stuff to take care of - from advice on how to change a driving license to a possible court with a tenant etc. It’s always good to have a trusted person there. Also keep in mind that prices vary very much - I found lawyers that ask 20k for a visa application and 2k… Some are not even sure about particular specifics, some are quite competent.

So, remember ROI in the fund will be minimal, but the risk is high.
All the funds available (not all are good for GVisa): https://web3.cmvm.pt/sdi/fundos/app/pesquisa_gestora_fundos.cfm
Profitability: http://www.apfipp.pt//report.aspx?itemcode=MR_FII_PUB_PT.rpt&calendar=yes&type=FII

There’s a better imho option for 350k - investing in a renovation project. Then you’ll as least have an apartment after a few years. Although, if you buy smth for 500k, you don’t have to wait for that.

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Thanks a lot for the info

For anyone considering investing in the Golden Visa scheme, we have a more beneficial alternative with the same end result i.e. EU citizenship. @ (€350k) with a potential 5% ROI

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warm regards peter

People don’t usually like paying for a good lawyer until something bad happens… Everyone here needs to realise two things:
1 - there are tons of people in Portugal working on, and assisting with, GV and NHR. Some will be professional and honest and others will try to reap you off. Always check and double-check the person you’ll be working with.
2 - doing the same thing, or going down the same path, as someone you know did before is not really an option. Every situation is different and GV / NHR are not a one size fits all. Do your own research and find the right person who will point you in the right direction.