Private Equity or Investments

I’m thinking seriously about seeking the Portugal Golden Visa. After consideration, I think the only appropriate method for me is the Investment option. Above all else, I would want diversification and a risk profile that affords me a reasonable chance of a successful return on my investment. So here are the questions:
-how does one find and access good investment opportunities in Portugal that meet the GV standard?
-Assuming one found the right investment, what steps are next to make this investment?
Thanks. Let’s start with that and see if there’s anyone that can help.


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I’d be happy to introduce you to the group we went with two years ago. They have a new fund for current investors. Just let me know. We’ve been very happy with them! Best, Ken

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That would be great… Any information you could provide would be much appreciated. The selection seems to be rather limited. I’m hoping that there are more options that I can find at present.

Thanks again!


Given the long timeframe and general question marks with the process, I’d strongly recommend you look at investing in a fund, rather than a fixed-duration investment.

I like (and am invested in) IMGA Acoes, but there are at least two iirc

There are 30+ funds listed on the above page. How many options are you hoping for?

Thanks Garrett. I clicked on it and asked for information and will apparently send more information. I’ll have a look when it comes… Take care

I don’t see 30+ Perhaps 6.Thanks anyway.

Note I did not link that, it’s something the forum does (I assume @tkrunning gets kickbacks, or something, which is well and good, this site isn’t free to run)

Personally I’ve not really dealt with IMGA but their tax forms for me each year are relatively prompt and clear, and I have no complaints with the investment itself. I hold them through Bison Bank, which may be able to get you set up quickly if you’re willing to fly over in person

You have to click on the “Every Available Fund” button. The six you see are Thomas’ take on “popular”.

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Yes, the other is BPI Portugal. Has a very similar portfolio to IMGA - based on the PSI 20 - but I think it charges lower total expenses - about 1.3% vs 2.3%. There’s some debate about whether US investors can access it, but worth checking if you want to go the index tracker-ish route.

Just FYI… I am Canadian and not subject to the same investment or tax rules as Americans…

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Sure thing! Send me a message with your email and I’ll loop you in with Fernando at the Venture Capital firm and he can answer any questions you have. We joined with them two years ago - and it’s nice because the money is invested here in Portugal into a number of different small and medium sized businesses that are looking to grow. The first year, we got a tremendous return on our investment.

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I am assuming you found the right fund. the next steps to make this investment are

  • You need to open a bank account in Portugal and transfer the required amount of money to the fund account. You may need to provide some documents, such as your passport, your proof of address, your tax identification number, etc., to open the account and verify your identity.
  • You need to sign a subscription agreement with the fund, which outlines the terms and conditions of your investment, such as the fund name, the fund type, the fund sector, etc. You may also need to sign other documents, such as a power of attorney, a declaration of compliance, a declaration of source of funds, etc., to authorize the fund to act on your behalf and to comply with the regulations.
  • You need to apply for the Golden Visa online through the SEF portal, which is the official website of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service. You need to fill in an online form, upload some documents, such as your passport, your proof of investment, your health insurance, your criminal record, etc., and pay the application fee, which is €533.90 per applicant. You will receive a confirmation email and a reference number after you submit your application.
  • You need to schedule an appointment with the SEF office in Portugal to submit your biometric data, such as your fingerprints, your photo, and your signature. You may also need to attend an interview and answer some questions about your investment and your background. You will receive your Golden Visa card by mail within a few weeks after your appointment

“You will receive your Golden Visa card by mail within a few weeks after your appointment”

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning :rofl:


Seriously ought to be removed for misinformation

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