Portugal GV Lawyers for investment option

Hi all,

I am new to this site and have been reading up on this forum all morning and attempting to absorb as much info as I can. Many thanks to all of you for openly sharing so much information as well as to the folks who started putting together and contributing to the spreadsheet about the funds as well as the lawyers.

I have a question about picking the laywer for you - how are yall going about that and making that choice? I have also tried to search the various topics and this is one where I havent found as much information on.
I did reach out to Thomas’ recommendation Margarida Torres.

Many thanks in advance for the help.


Good question. I’m struggling with that one myself. Esp with visas. On the one hand I want to say “get the best lawyer possible” but … how much work is it, really? And how difficult is it, really? After all, the GV process seems straightforward, especially if you use the fund route. What’s involved?

  • Double-checking bank account paperwork - do you even need that really?
  • Fund due diligence - besides making sure the English translation is accurate and the documents are correct… what’s a lawyer have to say about a fund really?
  • Making sure government paperwork is correct - seems straightforward
  • Escort for the SEF visits / knowing the right people to talk to in the right way - well that’s worth something, but again seems straightforward
  • knowing who to call for various things - worth something, but how much?

(I can see where it matters more for buying property, maybe.)

I’m not trying to diminish the role of a lawyer here, and there is certainly value-add on top of “the base legal things” - I’m simply trying to understand all the pieces parts. I think I understand them, but.


Thanks @jb4222. The obvious question that jumps out to me is why isnt everyone on this site using the same lawyer? Isnt that the safe way to go about this? Might even work out a reduced fee schedule based on the volume of interested parties on this site…

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Because it never works that way. Because I’ll like Jane and you’ll like Fred, because Fred’s better with real estate but Jane knows about capital funds. Or you really need handholding and want everything explained three times, and Anna’s really a super people person and has lots of assistants to take care of every detail and book your flight and everything… but Fred works for a big law firm that can’t do all that, and Jane’s a no-nonsense type-A who doesn’t work well with nervous nellies.

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True… :slight_smile:

Hi @tier0605 -

I totally get your line of thinking and wish everyone was using the same lawyer too! That’s why I started the GV Fund Comparison sheet because I figured one fund would bubble to the top as superior. However, I don’t have much more clarity now than I did a few months ago. :thinking:

In any case, I enlisted the legal services of @guifig for a few reasons:

  • he has experience in wealth management in Portugal and abroad (e.g. low interest Swiss bank loans to help leverage investments)
  • he is excellent at communication, thorough, and detail oriented
  • his fees seemed fair and he is flexible for varying legal needs which may evolve over time

Hope that helps. I’m sure there are other great lawyers too. To be clear I’m not compensated for referring Gui. Just sharing my experience in case it helps.



Hi Faizal,

Thanks for your info. I am looking for a lawyer who is experienced on dealing with fund option rather than RE sector. The reality is many advisory/consultants of PT have been heavily involving in RE. How’s going with your engaged lawyer?

It would be grateful if you can share any comments. Thanks lot!

Thanks Faizal! lol on fund clarity - I totally get your point there as well!

Can you expand a bit on the low interest Swiss bank loans to leverage investments? what exactly did you have in mind, if you dont mind my asking please?


Harish, I just created another thread re this:


How’s going with your engaged lawyer?

Hey @pigletjulia - so far so good. I recommend reaching out to @guifig or any other lawyer you’re considering for an introductory chat. I felt much more comfortable after doing so.


Thanks for your quick reply. Sure, Will liaise with Gui for further info. Thanks lot!