Lawyer assistance for Portugal Golden Visa

Hi All,

Am new on the forum and just wanted to get some assurances from those of you who know about/or have experienced the Portugal Golden Visa program

Am travelling to Portugal for one week and intend to complete all the formalities of

  • opening a bank ac and NIF (tax numbere)
  • identifying and purchasing a property
  • applying for the Visa with the immigration department
    Have been speaking with LaVida Company and their lawyer representatives in Portugal and they assure me all can be done. Of course subject to all documents being proper, money transferred etc.
    But wanted a view from those in the know
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Hi, I’ve been working with GFDL in Lisbon on residency visa, planning for a scheduled December arrival, and so far am pleased with their communication and attention to detail.

Also appreciated that they were about to put together a package of services at a price that seemed better thought through, included other services beyond just visa I needed (NHR, banking, car importation) at a fixed price that appeared quite reasonable compared to estimates I received from some other firms.

Attorney is João G Gil Figueira,

Dr. B.

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Hi Dr. B:

Hope this mail could reach you.

How’s going with your experience on GFDL? I am looking for a lawyer who is experienced on fund investment .



Overall, have been very happy with the representation we’ve received from GFDL. Their assistance has been invaluable, both regarding the immigration process, and our property purchase.

Our attorney is João G. Gil Figueira. if you contact him, please feel free to let him know we recommended him.

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I apologize if my question is “amateurish”, are there firms out there than can assist with the actual “investment” process in the FT funds, as well as the immigration process? I was hoping to find a “one stop shop”. thank you.

There are many. A simple google search should turn up a whole batch of them. La Vida, Mercan, Belion, PTgoldenvisa, it’s a very, very long list.

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know or have experience with whether it is possible to successfully complete your SEF appointment (interview/biometrics) with only having entered Portugal by way of a valid US passport (no Schengen or other type of visa)?

Thanks in advance for any insights! :slightly_smiling_face:

no reason it wouldn’t work. there is a carve-out for doing a SEF appointment as “essential travel” when you get to that point.

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Thanks @jb4422 !

hi shabnam, how much fee did the lawyers asked you for all the process?
in which area you selected property ?
we are to follow, so plz share your experiences
i have found a lawyer who charges euro5400 for all the process till passport

i am now working to find a property before my visit in PT

how much they asked ? you can share that so others can benefit ,



We’ve now gone through the process (only biometrics pending - waiting for travel to open up). We’ve also worked with LaVida and were referred to VCA - Valadas Coriel. We;ve found the lawyers very gracious, responsive, efficient - and will be with us from the opening of bank account all the way upto the 5th year as we move to applying for citizenship.
While the cost is Euro 5000 + 23% VAT for their *services (part in advance and balance on completing the biometrics etc…you have to keep in mind there will be other fees that will occur - from notary, registration, drawing up various documents etc.

*Services for the Euro 5000
A. ACQUISITION OF REAL ESTATE (NOT INCLUDING THE INCORPORATION OF A VEHICLE SOLE SHAREHOLDER COMPANY): • Assistance to open the bank account in Portugal. • Tax representation in Portugal for first year (not including annual tax declaration). • Due diligence in the investment process, analysis of all the required sellers and property documentation and accessing the public departments for verification of title, status, etc. and carry out search, with namely Land Registry, Tax Authority Office and Local Municipality Council. • Power of attorney draft and authentication at the moment of the signature. • Arranging the payments to be made in connection with property purchase (taxes, Government fees, purchase price, etc.). • Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement draft and signatures recognition for first property. • Declarations for the Tax Office regarding the IMT and the Stamp tax. • Representation on the Purchase and Sale Title Deed. • Registration of the Title Deed at the Tax Authority Office.
B. GOLDEN VISA PROGRAMME APPLICATION: • Preparation and submission of the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit Application and obtaining necessary Portuguese documents for application. • Preparation and submission of the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit Application for family reunification (spouse and children) and obtaining necessary Portuguese documents for Golden Visa Services – Engagement Letter 2 Page 2 of 6 application. • Representation services at the Portuguese immigration and Borders Authorities. • Arranging payments of applicable Government fees.

Hope this helps


Hi Shabnam

Thanks for the detail reply,

I am also going throught the process and will like to enter PT as soon as the embassy opens

I have decided the property route, as being a muslim i cannot go in funds option, as it has INTEREST based income.

Have you considered the tax on property vs tax on individual which way is better?

Are you selecting a property , we need to share info , as the agents always takes sellers side as he is getting commission out of him and other thing is that they over charge the over seas buyer.


I would love to hear what property you ended up pursuing. I am still on the fence of RE vs. invstmt.


Bought a property in Central Lisbon minutes. A rehabilitation piece - a building with several apartments - we picked up one that fit the 350K option and rental income for 5 years from mid next year.

We did consider funds route but werent really sure of both the investment potential, track record of past investments and returns. While there are some pros on this method (no property tax, less lawyer fees, no hassle of looking after - renting property etc) we did find owning a property as a tangible asset more reassuring especially in a booming market like Lisbon. While this year will be a washout, it does seem that there will be renewed interest in this country.



You can approach the builders directly - the one we worked with is Spark Capital - they have several projects.
Therefore there’s no additional commission etc that you pay

didn’t entirely understand the question on Property tax vs individual tax?

that is excellent! thank you so much for sharing.

you are buying property ?
individual vs company taxes are different

Hi pshabi,

Thanks for posting your experience. I’m curious if you used a company to help you purchase the rehab investment property? And also if you used your own lawyer or one that was provided by the agency? And, of course, I’m mostly interested in the names of the agent and lawyer if you recommend them!


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