Lawyer assistance for Portugal Golden Visa

Hi All,

Am new on the forum and just wanted to get some assurances from those of you who know about/or have experienced the Portugal Golden Visa program

Am travelling to Portugal for one week and intend to complete all the formalities of

  • opening a bank ac and NIF (tax numbere)
  • identifying and purchasing a property
  • applying for the Visa with the immigration department
    Have been speaking with LaVida Company and their lawyer representatives in Portugal and they assure me all can be done. Of course subject to all documents being proper, money transferred etc.
    But wanted a view from those in the know

Hi, I’ve been working with GFDL in Lisbon on residency visa, planning for a scheduled December arrival, and so far am pleased with their communication and attention to detail.

Also appreciated that they were about to put together a package of services at a price that seemed better thought through, included other services beyond just visa I needed (NHR, banking, car importation) at a fixed price that appeared quite reasonable compared to estimates I received from some other firms.

Attorney is João G Gil Figueira,

Dr. B.