Typical lawyer charges for Golden visa

Hi. I would appreciate to know how much everyone is paying to lawyers for this. Does 9800 Euros initially and than 3000 for each renewal seem reasonable? Do these Golden visa lawyers also check the real estate transaction for any problems with title and property? Tax representative at 990 Euros per year?
Thank you very much.

There’s a lot of it-depends-es. How much service do you expect from them? Are they going to pick you up at the airport and find you a hotel when you go for the SEF appointment or are they going to just meet you at the office at 9am? Are they going to update you daily, weekly, when they feel like it? Is it for funds which are relatively easy or is it for property which can be quite complicated? Is that for just you or for a family and how many in the family, since there is additional work per-person. Will they do all the work or leave you to do the applications with the bank and funds or whatever? Does that include travel to a SEF office not in the town where their office is? (You can sometimes get SEF appointments sooner in the remote offices but then the lawyer has to drive there and that consumes more billable time.)

Pure tax rep you can do yourself for near nothing via nifonline or others. However 990/yr is not out of line with what others charge. Ask whether that includes accountant services to actually calculate your taxes and file them, or if they’re just going to receive your mail and forward notices; obviously that takes more work.

Hi. Thanks for attempting to answer. We don’t expect “white-glove service” (airport pickup, hotel etc). It is for me and my wife and 9 year old daughter. Not sure if funds or property yet. They are going to do all the applications and work like that. They are based in Lisbon and not sure if they will travel to another SEF office.
What is the typical range that they charge? also for each renewal (3000 euro reasonable for that?)
How comprehensive are services like NIF-online and Bordr?
Thank you very much.

nifonline/bordr just do the basic tax rep. they would do nothing else. hence why so inexpensive. though you can find others to help with accountancy services at additional charge. note though that some legal firms charge $1000/yr and don’t offer accountancy help for that price either.

1000/person for renewals seems normal and not too much.

as for the 9k, maybe? I don’t know.

Hello. Thank you for your input. How much accounting service would we need beyond what bordr offers if we still reside in the usa and rent a place there or have a fund there?

dunno, sorry. will def be different depending on whether you have property or do a fund. Lots will be different depending on that choice.

Someone shared a list of lawyers with their respective fees on another thread. That can be a good reference point.