Does anyone know what the fees are for global citizens solutions?

I’m going to purchase a property in Portugal this summer and I will need to do a lot of the process from the U.S. Global citizens solutions came up but I feel like it may be very expensive? Does anyone know their fee breakdown?

Really interested in their fees as well

I have catalogued all my research on pricing of lawyers, funds, etc. here…

It is a little dated (from about a year ago) but most things may still be accurate. GCS is on the lawyer tab as I evaluated them as an alternative to other lawyers.


thanks! amazing detail!

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Wow Jim, this is exactly what I am looking for. Have just had a call with Henley and thought they were pricey, even though they did offer to reduce from 30k down to 22.5k (Euro).

Thanks for this info. How did you get Henley to bring cost down to 22.5. Any experience with Sable or Apex??

I just compared them to others and asked, they were quite keen for the business. I have no experience with Sable or Apex, but have a good feeling about LegalSquare

Thank you @jjmz! I’m in the beginning stages of research gathering. I’ve been curious to know about the fee structure, especially for a few of the firms mentioned, so this is quite helpful.