Portugal GV Lawyers for investment option

HI Garen

Thanks for your enquiry. Our company, The Golden Portugal offers this exact service. We provide a full solution to our clients looking to get the Portugal Golden Visa.

We provide the following services

  • Consultation on your golden visa application throughout the 5 years

  • Provide or source investment options according to your requirements (property or fund)

  • Be your tax representative

  • apply for your NIF

  • Introduction to bank manager for account opening

  • Provide all important information on investing opportunities

  • Help gather the necessary documents to support the Golden Visa application;

  • Advice on the formalities and practicalities involved with applying for the Golden Visa.

Our lawyer partner will provide services on documents preparation for the GV application submission, online application submission, making appointments for biometric data with SEF, accompanying you to the appointment (in Lisbon). Plus necessary certification and translation of documents for NIF, account opening and the GV application, if they are in English.

Please send us an email to discuss further, we are free for a zoom call to answer any questions you may have.

Hi, wanted to thank you for the recommendation. I’ll definitely check it out.

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Attorney name is Joana Farinha - also, looking at a table that someone put together on another thread, the legal fees seem to be competitive when compared to others, so worth a try.

I have had one firm engage in earnest and then simply stopped responding!! I am glad I ran into this before I signed the engagement letter - would have been much worse if this happened after…

Any strong recommendations for lawyers that are responsive - on email and/or Whatsapp - harder for me to talk live given the timezone challenges. (I have seen the spreadsheets but really looking for commentary of people that have responsive lawyers that also really know what they are doing).

I’ve been happy with my attorney so far but haven’t got that far down the process. Just about to submit the application. Don’t feel comfortably posting her contact information so PM me if you’d like it.

@jb4422 : would you mind to DM the details of the individual you had in mind as a preference please?

Anyone here work with DLAS and anyone that can share their experience with them?

Anyone here work with Legal Square? Please PM me on either of two law firms if you have worked with them and had either a good or bad experience. Particularly interested in responsiveness and ability to navigate complications