Golden Visa - Bonds, Residence

Hi - i was wondering two issues
a) to get the Portugal Golden visa - can someone invest in Government bonds
b) Once someone gets a golden visa, can they live anywhere in Europe? Like Germany?

Hi I’m interested in the Golden Visa pro $280,000 in Porto or other cities.
Richard Bird

Hey @Dalz78, funds need to meet a couple of requirements to be eligible for the GV. These requirements are: (i) maturity of at least 5 years and (ii) the fund needs to invest most of its capital in Portuguese companies. This being said, government bonds do not meet the above criteria.

As for the second question, the answer is no. You may travel to Germany (and within the Schengen area) but in order to live in Germany you’ll have to meet the german requirements for residence permits.

However, if at the end of the 5-year GV period you obtain the Portuguese passport, then you’ll be able to live in Germany.

I hope this helps. Stay well!

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Hey @rickandterribird, the 280k route (real estate) is only available in less developed and less populated areas. Porto would not qualify under this one.
Stay well!

Any coming up in area’s you know of?

It really depends on what you’re looking for but the 280k route would generally take you away from the coast and the large cities

Best source for Golden Visa is the government agency that issues visas. Site is in Portuguese. Chrome browser translates using Brazilian Portuguese. To use European Portuguese, go to Paste the URL into the left hand box. Clicking on the URL in the right hand box opens the translated site in a new tab.

Earlier this year (or was it late last year?) the government made a significant change in the program. You can no longer buy real estate in Lisbon, Porto, or near the coast. I have no idea how they defined ‘near’.

The official name of the Golden Visa is ‘Residence Permit for Investment Activity’. It gives you the same rights of visa exempt entry into other Schengen Zone countries. It also gives you the same responsibilities. It limits you to 90 days within any 180 day period in the Schengen Zone outside of Portugal.

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@dancebert, the change has not been made yet. What happened with the 2020 state budget was an authorisation granted by the parliament to the government to eventually modifiy the GV rules so as to exclude real estate in Lisbon and Oporto from the GV options (due to increasing pressure and speculation in the real estate market in those areas).

The government may change the GV rules during 2020, applicable as from early 2021. However, there are no signs yet of whether changes will be made and when.

Does anyone know when the rule change to the Portuguese program will be finalized? I realize Covid has made this less of a priority, but curious when the “change of law” risk will diminish. Thanks.

contact mathew, if you need his email i will give