Golden Visas end this year in Lisbon and Porto

This comes as negotiations have started for next year’s budget.

Of course, just because someone in the government says that something will happen, it doesn’t mean it actually will. However, if you’re looking to get a Golden Visa in Portugal by investing in real estate, I’d recommend that you hurry up!

Here’s an article in Portuguese with more details (just use Google Translate):


Wouldn’t it make more sense to give more time before changes take effect since due to the pandemic, from March 2020, till the present and perhaps for unforeseen time in future, a substantial number of applicants/ investors will not be able to visit Portugal and get the process started ? And some (like me) are still waiting for their SEF confirmation after submission of initial application.

It’s not at all clear that it “will end this year” like this headline reads. The specifics of the regulation are not yet known, and this might just be part of some political play needed to get support for the next budget. Either way I’d be surprised if they would exclude those who already completed a real estate purchase and have submitted the initial SEF application, those investors would likely be grandfathered in.

That’s true. But one thing I say to all my clients is: Portugal good sense, specially, its government is somewhat different of the rest of the world.