Portugal 2022 GV changes: What will you do?

Since the changes to the Portuguese Golden Visa program were published this morning I figured it would be interesting to gauge the reaction of the community. Will you hurry up and invest under the current rules, or are you fine with the changes?

A quick recap of the changes… From Jan 1, 2022:

  • Real estate investments can only be made in the interior + the islands of Madeira and the Azores (possibly with an exception for commercial real estate)
  • The minimum investment amount for funds increase from €350K to 500K
  • Other capital transfer options also increase
  • Other options remain unchanged, such as art investments (€250K) and the creation of 10 new jobs

Vote and discuss!

What are you most likely to do?
  • Hurry up and invest in real estate in Lisbon/Porto/along the coast this year
  • Hurry up and invest in a fund at the €350K level this year
  • Invest in real estate in the interior next year
  • Invest in a fund at the €500K level next year
  • Explore other paths to a Portuguese Golden Visa (e.g. art investment or employing 10 people)
  • Explore other non-Portuguese Golden Visa programs
  • I’ve already completed my investment
  • I’m not a prospective investor or just want to view the results

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Note: I’ve summarized the changes in a bit more details here:


How about “still have all year, not really in a hurry any more”?


that is kind of. what I was thinking…

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Do somebody know why Mercan believe that rehabilitation projects still valuable in Porto and Lisabon?

It is nice to have some certainty about the deadline. However, you should take some other matters into consideration also. This includes currency exchange rates throughout the year, lawyer selection, some funds will close during the year and no longer be available for investment, there can be severe delays with getting apostilles. All this weighs in favor of making a decision no later than September in my opinion. This only allows you about 6 months from now. You can set up alerts on Transferwise to notify you when exchange rates hit a certain level. This is a nice feature than can potentially save some money if you aren’t in a big hurry.


Well, I don’t think all rehabilitation projects are still allowed, but it seems that the geographic restrictions may only apply to residential real estate, not commercial. Since they are building hotels, these may still qualify.

I dont think 350k in lisbon and porto will qualify…