Fund or hotel project more likely to succeed for PGV

Given the recent announcement by the PM, which route is most likely to succeed? I was planning on applying after a trip in the fall, but have to apply now if I am to hope to obtain a PGV. I was looking at a project with Mercan as well as funds listed on this site. One thing that cought my attention was the PM’s statement:

“As for the golden visas already granted, their renewal, in the case of exclusively real estate investments, will only be renewed if they are the owner’s own or permanent home or of his descendant or if the property is placed, on a permanent basis, on the rental market.”

It’s hard to say. Everyone is speculating right now because the government hasn’t announced any actual law, just goals.

I did (and would again) put my money into IMGA’s fund. Very transparent, liquid, and open ended. Gives me the most options.

Avoiding real estate of any sort seems the easiest and safest to me - right or wrong, people are mad about investors in real estate and so you might get caught in the cross fire even with something “innocent” like a hotel or whatever

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I’d echo that, and add that it’s a very quick option. My process from calling a lawyer, through investing in an equity fund to having the application filed, took exactly a month. Time may well be of the essence here.

Any route that is not GV will be unaffected.

For example, D7 if you want to reside in Portugal, or Portugal HQA visa if you want flexibility to not reside in Portugal full time.

It’s hard to give an answer that doesn’t involve speculation and some form of risk given the recent press conference. First thing to be aware is that if you’re planning to submit your application before the law is likely to change, it doesn’t matter. The proposed changes
for the law target residential real estate for the purposes of easing the housing crisis. There is no mention of what impact if any, other forms of investment will face (which is why the legal opinion is - there is risk involved in investing for the GV).

It’s boiling down to this - are you prepared to invest at this stage and accept that the process might get affected at some stage in the future? Maybe try and invest where your initial outlay is secured, and you can get back what you invest?

I’ve chosen to go the hotel route - there is a buy back, an annual yield, and within my target of an under €300k outlay.