350k/280k GV after July 1 2021 in the less populated interior areas?

I see there are changes coming to the GV in Porto, Lisbon, and coastal areas. Basically it’s phasing out starting in July 2021. I’m less clear on what’s happening with Golden Visas in the less populated interior areas of the country. Does any one have good take on what’s happening for these?

Also are there any changes to the 350 investment fund option coming? I realize this is mostly speculation because the government can do what they want.

Hi guys,

I am also finally ready to go ahead with this. Got my funds sorted out last week. What are the best 350K options available in the Porto and Lisbon areas?


Anyone having info on 280K options for properties along the silver coast?

I think the coastal stuff will not be allowed after this year.

Thanks David…

Would be happy looking at properties in Evora etc as well for 280K…