July 2021 - will low density areas be unchanged?

I have talked to several Golden Visa real estate providers and lawyers about what changes will happen in July and gotten two different answers:

  1. Real estate in Lisbon/Porto will be restricted but low density areas, funds, etc will be unaffected. (This is what most said.)
  2. Investment requirements will increase across the board: new real estate from 500 thousand to 1 million, rehabilitation projects and funds from 350 to 500 thousand. Low density reduction of 20% still applies so rehabilitation in low density area would increase from 280 to 400 thousand. (This is what one lawyer said.)

Obviously for anyone with a constrained investment budget option 2 is a scary thought! Your required investment amount could almost double. Can anyone confirm whether that is happening, or is this all speculation because the changes haven’t been finalized yet?

My understanding is maybe not because it’s changing as the result of inflated property values in those areas. I think the interior is not inflated yet. It could though, of course.

There is also 350k fund investment option which is talked about in other threads.

or is this all speculation because the changes haven’t been finalized yet?

The 2021 budget was published on 31 December. That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes in regulations. I searched the law using the Portuguese words and phrases used in the 2020 law. None were found. I’ve yet to see any posts on the facebook expat forums claiming the GV investment requirements have changed.

The law, in Portuguese: https://dre.pt/web/guest/home/-/dre/152639825/details/maximized
Chrome browser translates, or paste the URL into either Google or Bing Microsoft translator.
in the 2021 law.

No one knows until it officially kicks in.

If you are sure about doing it, better do it sooner than later. Otherwise you will kick yourself!