Real Estate in Lisbon in August 2021 for GV

Can you still invest in real estate in August of 2021 and get GV via real estate investment? I saw somewhere that the restriction starts in Jan 2022, and others that it starts in July 2021.

Also, if it starts in Jan 2022, as long as the application is in before then, does it qualify? What if the visa is not approved yet before the end of the year?

Since no one answered, I thought I would post what I found on the topic. It is January 2022. It used to be July 2021, but has been extended.

This topic has been posted and discussed before. You can use the search function on top to find other posts. Here is one:

And here is the article:

I have seen those articles but other websites had slightly contradictory information like here.

And it was unclear which one was more accurate. Hence the question. Either way as mentioned above I have my answer that it was supposed to be July 2021 as of Dec 2020 but then became Jan 2022 as of feb 2021.

And applications will be grandfathered if applications will be in by Dec 2021.

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At the bottom of the article you just shared, it says, " ** UPDATE ** The legislation changes have been delayed since publication of this news post and are now due to take effect as of January 2022."

Here is another topic where people discussed application timeline and someone also shared a link to the decree law:

Hi, yes, it has been postponed to Jan 1st, 2022. So you can still catch it. The confusion was that it was announced in Nov 2020, that the deadline would by June 30, 2021.

But the official decree law was published in Feb 2021. The publication you mentioned above must be outdated and they never updated. Also some details were not in sync with the original saying. So should refer to the one published in Feb 2021, with the decree law.

In addition to these insights from community members, our attorney specifically said it was still possible until Jan 2022.