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I am planning to apply the golden visa (500k) in Portugal. Can anyone share how to find a reliable lawyer and property agency there? Porto or Lisbon. How much normally need to pay for the lawyer?

I wonder if staying 35 days for the first 5 years in Portugal could really get the citizenship?! Not sure any successful cases?!



Hi Scott, you have been in touch with us via Nomadgate. We did respond in detail but have not heard back from you. We cover the entire country and deal with the Golden Visa and non-Golden visa product. Our GV real estate options start at €280K (inland) and include options at €350K, €400K and of course €500K which is the general level. In Porto and Lisbon the €350K and €500K levels apply but the former is very limited as stock at that levels sells fast. We work with a panel of lawyers in different locations as we believe clients are best served when their partners are local. We make these introductions for our clients at no cost and do not earn any commissions or fees from firms which we believe should remain neutral. Lawyers are such an example. Regards

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do you provide work contract visa?

No we do not work with that

Hi Scott

Are you in Hong Kong, we are a team of real applicants can share some practical experience in how we do it and where should we invest.

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