Dominica to Launch Entrepreneur Visa With 2-Year Path to Citizenship from $50,000

Dominica to implement a new Entrepreneur Visa program under which those who invest from US$50,000 and spend three months a year in the country would qualify for naturalization in two years.


Exciting! The parameters of this program are undeniably attractive. I hope that this will also kick off similar innovations in other jurisdictions.

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I dare countries like Serbia to try this, I’d be there in 48 hours max

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I’ve never been there but I’d be tempted to do the same, sight-unseen!

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Wow! this is amazing! I hope more countries will offer programs like this for under $50k… to be honest $100k is too much for a citizenship.

Think of the price as a function of population control. The lower you make it, the more people will be able to get the passports and travel to countries like England or France that they were not able to. This will now force these countries to end the benefits/relationship with the CBI country. For example, you used to be able to travel to Canada with a St. Kitts passport.

Another thing you have to consider is that while the price is $50,000 you will still have government fees, a minimum of 6 months living there, air fare and your personal habits and desires to pay for. At the end of 2 years, you would have spent $100,000 there. You are a means of improving/increasing the cash flow and the local economy. Those who pay the $100,000 up front, get the passport in 3-4 months and don’t need to visit or live there.

If your original plans did not have you focused in the Americas, you might want to consider residencies and investments in East Europe and Asia with your $50,000

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You’re right. Maybe Vanuatu’s CBI is still be best program for the price.

They should offer this kind of program for $30k maybe.