DRP Partners--Wyndham Grand Algarve

Hi, all.
Has anyone had any experience with DRP Partners? Specifically, they’re offering a GV opportunity to purchase an existing suite in the Wyndham Grand Algarve at the 500K E level. It seems to be an appealing option for folks who are interested in owning actual, existing property, rather than a future hotel development, that’s managed by Wyndham. Overpriced? Other issues?
DRP also has renovated apartments in Evora at the 280K E level, which is a lower buy-in, but will involve more active involvement.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

hi. I’m working with them. I choose the 280K route, bought 2 units - about 140K each in Evora which are both currently being renovated.

Thanks for the feedback!

Which property is this? Is it sold out?

2 units in a 2 story building that was build in 1950s -ground floor & 1st floor.