Economically self-sufficient resident in Malta - Registration Timeline & Income


I am a European citizen looking to relocate to Malta in the 2021 and the economically self-sufficient residency sounds like a good fit. I have been reading a lot and been getting some conflicting information on a couple of points. If anyone can point me towards some conclusive answers, that would be greatly appreciated.

The first question is whether I can apply on for the residency almost immediately when I arrive (provided I have everything I need, including a long-term rental contract) or if I have to be in Malta for 2-3 months first? This matter because do not want to be registered here in the UK (not a British citizen) where I presently live when the new tax year starts in April 2021. So, if I have do go down earlier to make sure of that, I will.

I will primarily live of savings and capital gains for a couple of year, but I will have some minor income which I do not mind declaring in Malta. Can I just add on a tax number as indicated and declare the online income in Malta? Some other information seem to indicate that would disqualify the original residency type. Should I be looking at a different residency type?

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Yes you can apply immediately if you have the rental contract and evidence of income that is required. After you get the residency you will have access to Malta’s E-Gov system where you can apply for the tax number and declare your income.

It also good to note that you should maintain evidence of your income throughout your stay, because you are entitled to free healthcare provided that you can prove that you are paying your tax here.

It’s also interesting to stay tuned to new programs Malta is launching in the coming months:

  • Start up Visa
  • Digital Nomad Visa

No details exist on these yet.