Economically self-sufficient resident in Malta - Registration Timeline & Income


I am a European citizen looking to relocate to Malta in the 2021 and the economically self-sufficient residency sounds like a good fit. I have been reading a lot and been getting some conflicting information on a couple of points. If anyone can point me towards some conclusive answers, that would be greatly appreciated.

The first question is whether I can apply on for the residency almost immediately when I arrive (provided I have everything I need, including a long-term rental contract) or if I have to be in Malta for 2-3 months first? This matter because do not want to be registered here in the UK (not a British citizen) where I presently live when the new tax year starts in April 2021. So, if I have do go down earlier to make sure of that, I will.

I will primarily live of savings and capital gains for a couple of year, but I will have some minor income which I do not mind declaring in Malta. Can I just add on a tax number as indicated and declare the online income in Malta? Some other information seem to indicate that would disqualify the original residency type. Should I be looking at a different residency type?

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