Electric vehicles for sale in Central Portugal

Are there any small electric vehicles for sale in Portugal? I am looking for a 2 seater 4 wheeled run around that I can leave on charge in the garage and use when nipping to shops (about 2 k away). Something like a golf cart but road worthy and legal.

i’ve yet to see a 500e, but there are plenty of the conventional fiat 500s, if ovar is any indication of the popularity of the 500. i have a 500e back in the states, and love it. it is small, peppy, and surprisingly roomy for cargo with the rear seats folded down. should i desire a vehicle in portugal, the 500e will be my first choice. that said, i checked ooyyo, and found twelve(!) 500es for sale here in portugal: https://tinyurl.com/2kgbujv3

Thanks i will take a look :smile: