EU Citizen with a 3d Country Dependent - Lawyers - Difference of opinion among lawyers about the need for a Non-Criminal Record


EU citizen (me) has residence in Portugal
Family reunification with 3d Country Dependent

Lawyers - Difference of opinions about Non-Criminal Record

Some lawyers says my wife needs to provide a Criminal Record.
Other lawyers say she does not need to.

On the page regarding “Residence Card For A Third Country National Who Is A Family Member Of An Eu/eea/switzerland Citizen” there is a list for Required Docs.

On the list of Documents and Requirements ( the Criminal Record is not mentioned.

I hope any EU citizens with residence in PT and a 3d-country dependent on this forum can share their experiences with me.

Q1. Did your 3d Country dependent (wife/husband) have to provide the Criminal Record of her/his home country in order to get Residency?

Thanks so much for any insights.

The fact that several lawyers disagree in this situation is confusing me :slight_smile:

I have similar situation EU citizen with a dependent mother (over 65) from a third country, she was advised to get the non-criminal record. Now waiting for the appointment opening to submit these papers before they will be too old. What layer company are you using?