Portugal Residence Card for third-country spouse of an EU citizen

Hello everyone,

I am a EU citizen living in Canada with my wife and kids.

We plan on moving to Portugal in the near future.

I know for me and my kids we’ll have less hassle. After 90 days living in Portugal we’ll have to apply for the Registration Certificate at the local council.

I intend on applying for the residence certificate stating I have my own health insurance and financial means to sustain our family.

For my wife I know she’ll need an appointment at a local SEF branch to apply for Residence Card as a family member of a citizen of the EU.

Here are my questions:

  1. From what I read on the SEF website, when I register at the council for the registration certificate is it true I just need my EU passport + a written Affidavit stating that I have sufficient funds for me and my family? Meaning no actual proof of the funds are required? (like bank + investment statements)?

  2. For my kids’ registration certificate - I know I also need their birth certificates (which are Canadian) + translations to prove they are my kids and their EU passports. That sound correct?

  3. For my wife - I know I’ll need my registration certificate, our marriage certificate (translated), scheduling in advance, her Canadian passport, etc. (list of documents available on SEF website). My question is regarding proof of funds. Since my wife will apply based on me being present in Portugal (as an EU citizen) on self sufficient funds - will I need to show proof of the funds?

  4. My wife being a Canadian citizen doesn’t need a a visitor visa to Portugal. We just need to make sure to make an appointment at a SEF branch ahead of time, correct? Meaning we wouldn’t need anything from the Portuguese consulate in Canada ahead of time.

Thank you.