Experiences with Edge Internationl Lawyers, Holborn, and/or Excellium?

Hi all –

I’ve decided to go the Portugal GV route and I am narrowing down the “people” I’d like to work with and investment (real estate) opportunity I’d like to pursue.

Does anyone have experiences with:

  • Edge International law firm (specifically, Francisco Salgueiro)
  • Holborn
  • Excellium

I really liked the conversation I had with Francisco.

I also liked the conversation I had with Holborn (who is marketing Excellium’s projects), and the project they’re offering sounds great, but they’re giving me a bit of push back on bringing my own lawyer to the table which feels like a potential red flag when the project terms seem “too good to be true” in some respects. Edge and Holborn are both “full service” in terms of applying for the GV. I’d rather have my own directly vetted lawyer handle the GV paperwork and process, but I’m not against working with Holborn or similar if they could separate the investment they offer from their full “GV application” suite.

I’ve searched the forums for all 3 and the only one I’ve found with direct experiences reported is Edge/Francisco.

Thank you!

I only now Edge International. And I am supect as I work in a competing firm…

I have a pretty good lawyer if you are interested but he is in Porto. Reasonable as well.

This was also a red flag for me, so I mixed and matched (I do have any any direct experience with any of the entities you listed). In hindsight, I think it was a good check and balance, but the process was slower than I expected to get the investment vetted and the application submitted. I’m not sure if that if I had used one of the more integrated pairings that it would have gone faster, but it’s certainly possible.