Exploring opportunities for immigration via Golden Visa, EB5 & other programs

Fellow Nomads,
I am Mexican citizen currently exploring immigration opportunities via investment, skilled worker to Europe, Canada, US, New Zealand. My grandfather was from Spain and immigrated to Mexico and my father has an EU passport from Spain. Since a very young age I have lived, studied and worked in another country and want to give the same opportunity to my children. Looking for good quality of life, educational opportunities for my children, and business ownership opportunities.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Hi @carmonarob, can’t you and your children get the Spanish passport? That would probably be the easiest way to get access to the EU.
Stay well and safe,

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Hi there, i have agent who can assist you. Do you have skype or wickr? send message to wickr : samenlisandra and request for details [for immigration via Golden Visa, EB5 & other programs]

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Hi Roberto!
I’ve made a website to a client who works providing Golden Visa through Portugal.
Here is the website address: https://lovely-panoramic.com/
I hope it can help you.