Feedback/Experience with Ebury or Mashreq Bank - UAE

Hi everyone,

I was recommended to work with either Ebury or Mashreq bank in the United Arab Emirates as they allow for remote set up of a bank account. With current travel restrictions these two banks would be an option.

Does anyone have any experience to share with one of the banks? Thanks!


Hi Phillippe!

I have worked with Mashreq and had excellent experience with them on both business and personal level. I would recommend them highly. The also have a location in NY which I found very helpful when needing to complete transactions in the US.




Thanks for the feedback!

I thought Mahreq bank or others are not allowed as per UAE central bank regulations to open up a bank account for people on tourist visa since 2014 and remote bank setup which I find it amazing considering what they told me in person and a few friends we can’t do it for you or anyone on tourist visa even for millions of dollars and I know my friend had millions to deposit. Anyways good to know you had another experience. Every bank in UAE was denying our accounts in person.

Maybe if you open up through NYC it would be easier to get an account in UAE branch too but I am shocked still