Any support to create personal bank account anywhere without residency and visit?

i am looking to open a personal bank account anywhere that doesnt require residency permit or visit the branch by providing documents online.
I want to use to transfer some work allowance to be able to withdraw worldwide.

I’m from Argentina and getting a foreign account is usually quite difficult.
One of the best options regarding REAL banks is Dukascopy Bank from Switzerland. Their MCA (Multi Currency Account) has low fees and allows to get both virtual and plastic prepaid cards. It has some limitations in the form of quaterly deposit limits, but this can be improved if you supply proof of funds origin.
Another option is Banco Atlântico Europa from Portugal. I haven’t oppened an account with them, but people I know have done so and said it went quite straightforward.
Last but not least, there also are some alternatives to banks, some of them with IBAN and debit card availability depending on were you live. I’ve been using Transferwise and Paysera for a while, both of them trouble free and with low fees. Downside is that deposits in such EMIs are not protected by EU’s deposit guarantee scheme.
So, perhaps would be a good option to use both types of “banks” instead of opting for just one.
Best regards.

Hey Oliver thanks for ur reply.
to open the bank account at Dukascopy u need residency? need to go there in person or can be done online?

There ‘s no need to go. Just check which are the admitted countries since there are a few that aren’ t.
You can do everything online and they make a vídeo-call to complete the registration.
It’s a quick and easy process in fact.

Looks great… so it is safe as per ur experience.
and you can make receive and transfer money as u want right?

I’d suggest N26 or Transferwise.