How to get a free working online bank account with no physical work or ID verification?

I’m looking for an online banking/money transfer service which gives its customers a free online bank account in USD or Euros at least with a working ACH and without any requirement for verifying my identity with a passport or national ID card.

Hi Aurora, you don’t say anything about your residency, if you have an SSN, US credit history, etc. If you have an SSN and a credit file backing up your address info there are plenty of banks in the US where you can open online without having to actually show your ID. But that’s because they use your SSN and credit file as an alternative ID check.

If you’re on the other hand looking for an account you can open without a passport/ID card, nor any SSN/credit checks… well, let me just say that I’d be really surprised if that exists… With today’s KYC/AML landscape any bank opening accounts without ID checks are asking for trouble and probably wouldn’t be around for long.

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Maybe in switzerlandia where they d use a ref number instead of your real name…:grin: …or on the darkweb…:alien: but with nowadays most populars banks. I d doubt someone would not need to use any of your IDs.
Or maybe were you thinking of opening it as an Association where your real name would not be visible in the first place…:roll_eyes:

Accounts like that do not exist anymore. Even in Switzerland they ask for an ID.

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The account is blocked.

Why? what should I do now?

Thank you anyway.