U.S OnLine Bank for EU residents?

Hello Team!

I’m new here but I’m not new being a Nomad!
Now I’m in Latinoamerica and I’m trying to get a
US Bank Account, there is something similar to Revolut or N26 but in USA? I can get an address there, I have family there but I don’t have SSN.

Is possible open an account online with the Passport?

Thank you!

i am swiss, i dont think that is possible here , to open a account remot, maybe a online bank.
I advise you to be very careful with the German banks. (N26 is a german Bank) BCAUSE NO PRIVACY, afther you open a account, they quickly transfer all your information to the tax authority of your city, all the Banks in Europe in the (EU ) are all like this. Unless you open a account on a private Bank, offshore or similar´s… That´s just my opinion


You could open some accounts of banks and brokers online without SSN. You should check sites and send email to them. i.e. TransferWise

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Years ago I did a quick trip to CALI, a friends who had an account at the BofA went to the Bank with me and we had a talk to some account manager there, we sat I filled up forms, and coming out of the Bank I had my account opened, only took a few days or weeks to get a CC, Check and online access. I had came in the US as a tourist no US SSN or licences - just my foreign passport - … and kept the account and card working for years even after I left the US… at some friends address.
If you can plan a trip, and have family there it should be ok, else I heard that they are some other Bank working with foreigners but not sure about if they do open an account for you whithout showing live at an agency at least once.