U.S OnLine Bank for EU residents?

(Inaki garcia ) #1

Hello Team!

I’m new here but I’m not new being a Nomad!
Now I’m in Latinoamerica and I’m trying to get a
US Bank Account, there is something similar to Revolut or N26 but in USA? I can get an address there, I have family there but I don’t have SSN.

Is possible open an account online with the Passport?

Thank you!

(Felizarda) #2

i am swiss, i dont think that is possible here , to open a account remot, maybe a online bank.
I advise you to be very careful with the German banks. (N26 is a german Bank) BCAUSE NO PRIVACY, afther you open a account, they quickly transfer all your information to the tax authority of your city, all the Banks in Europe in the (EU ) are all like this. Unless you open a account on a private Bank, offshore or similar´s… That´s just my opinion