Open US bank account for International Resident

Hi Fellows,

I was wondering if someone knows which US banks accept to open an account without SSN/ITN. I intend to use that account to order a credit card for shopping on Amazon and other US websites; I tried Chase/Chime … but they all require SSN or ITN so any ideas on how to make it work.

Thanks in advance for your valuable counsel.

As far as I know, there’s absolutely no way to get a credit card in US without SSN and a valid state-issued ID. If you get a work visa or student visa, you can open a bank account and get a debit card. But credit card is impossible without SSN.

If you just want to shop on Amazon USA or Ebay USA, you don’t need a US credit card.
Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on and get a free US shipping address and storage
  2. Shop on Ebay or Amazon and pay with your own credit card. Enter Stackry address as your shipping address.
  3. Receive items in your Stackry USA storage.
  4. Send the items to your home location… this can be anywhere in the world

Stackry charges only $2 per item.

Some US banks will allow non-residents (without SSN/ITIN) to open a bank account using a passport but it has to be done in branch.

As for US credit cards, if you have an Amex card in another country you may be able to open a US Amex through their Global Transfer process. This does not require an SSN or ITIN but you need a US address and bank account.

There are also ways to obtain an ITIN. A seller account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing gives you access to a letter to support an ITIN application.

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A secured credit card is a possibility for people without an ITIN or SSN. You basically make a deposit into the bank as collateral and your credit is tied to that deposit. More information can be found here.

For Canadians there are several possibilities. You can obtain a US credit card from a Canadian bank such as TD without an ITIN or SSN. These banks will check your Canadian credit history to see if you’re eligible. More information can be found on this forum post.


Thank you so much for your feedback Guys and it’s very hard to open an account with Chime, Chase and top US banks without SSN/ITN but what about Revolut they recently launched in US, could this work?

or you could try this:

looks promising will give it a try

but do you think there could still be a way to open a legitimate US account in CHIME, CHASE, REVOLUT … c other than shopping I have plans to do business and job online which requires payment through US accounts??

is there a way to load the account “US UNLOCKED” using a non-us credit card instead of bank transfers and I’ m not quite sure how to use the other methods "Yandex, ALIPAY, …)

thanks for your help

They offer wire-transfer option… so you can wire transfer money to the US Unlocked company account. And they will charge the money to your virtual US card that can be used anywhere. You have to ask them.

having a personal US account is different from a business US account so you have to understand how to setup yourself in the first place. You need to visit a branch in the US to apply, although Broderless Account and another bank (I do not remember the name at the moment) should be able to do it remotely. You can get am ITIN number and then apply for a debit card. As other people said, using an institution in your country with a presence in the US could help you (I did not know that option for Canadians). The ITIN number is needed in order to have a card, but not to open and account.

For a business account you can go to Citi bank. Chase won’t open you anything, even with an ITIN, it requires a real US address.

Some multi currency accounts give you a USD denominated debit card.

thank you all for your feedback, it was very helpful.
for me all I seek is to have a US Digital bank account same as my European Revolut account c sometimes like Amazon Music US only accept payments from US cards and at the same time I like the checking account option in CHIME but since I’m not a US resident it seems quite impossible to open an account not to mention that Revolut also after their launch in US do requires SSN and to be a US resident so maybe the best way could be to have a US transferwise account in US and use it for shopping and at the same time I can receive ACH payments to that account which seems the only alternative right now…