Personal US checking bank account creation without SSN - 2021

Hi folks,

Being a non-resident US alien status, HOW and WHERE can I open a personal bank account from my home country without physically visiting the USA in 2021? Considering,

  1. I do not have an SSN
  2. I don’t prefer Transferwise aka Wise rather a real Bank account


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What is your home country? If you have somewhat of a significant asset, you might be able to talk to a U.S. multinational bank in your country and see if they can make an introduction.

Otherwise, if your goal is to be able to send/receive USD, I see nothing wrong with Wise. Or even Revolut.

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HSBC Premier is a pretty good way to do this

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Passbook by Remitly only requires you to have a local US address where to receive the debit card. It does not require any SSN/ITIN.

Remitly Passbook, verify the address that is, you need a proof of residence such as a public service invoice in your name, if you do not have it as this product is aimed at legal and illegal immigrants they send a postcard to the address you provide and you must take one selfie with the postcard to verify your residence address.

The best option is myBambu gives you a prepaid account that can have a maximum of $ 10,000 in balance, you only need to have your play store with a USA location to download the app, a VPN with IP in the area of ​​the residential address you enter, A virtual phone with an area code of the same postal zone as your address, they do not require proof of residence and in minutes you can have the account and a virtual card that you can configure with contactless payments.
The account is with the Metropolitan Commercial Bank of New York, you can receive ACH transfers from any bank and you can configure the account in Gpay, Venmo and CashApp