Which US bank can you register online without physical

Which US bank can you register online without physical

Physical what? Can you elaborate? Is it a personal or business account, etc?

Me too Really online registration form and it’s personal account is needed US bank only with no physical

And can you register for someone else?

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US banks very strictly require a physical residential address. That means you cannot use a post office box and need a street number.

I use a mailing service which provides a “physical address”. However, most banks have identified the addresses such services and will flag those addresses as unacceptable. So, I have to use a family members address most of the time.

If you have a physical address, you can use a separate address as a mailing address if for some reason you want paper statements or communication. However, they are very strict about requiring a physical address.

Generally true for large banks (BoA, Chase, Citi, etc). Even if you have a physical address and try to change the billing and mailing addresses to a PO Box afterward, most big banks will balk. However, some small banks and many credit unions will allow for the mailing address to change to a PO Box after the account is opened but you still need a physical address to open.

One issue I ran into with a small regional bank was Chexsystems flagged my US apartment address as a hotel and the bank wouldn’t open the account until I proved Chexsystems was wrong.

In my experience the large banks will still accept a “virtual mailbox” (i.e. not a PO box) as long as they provide a street address. These are typically business addresses, and like @peartreelibrarian said most US banks have started to deny these types of addresses for account opening or as the main address. Only a few years ago the situation was quite different.

BoA did not accept a PO Box for a private account but they said for a company was fine. Maybe Citi is more an international bank and will accept it. All banks require you to go to a branch in person because of the Know Your Customer policy. However, if you try Borderless Account, it has a US bank too but I am not sure the nationality or residency you need, for sure UK residents is fine.

Although you could open US bank accounts online, when you have a US street address, SSN and an account with routing number, you could open Aspiration account online: no citizen ID required.
Spend & Save Account’s zero ATM fees, cash back rewards, up to 2.00% APY interest, and that their money won’t be lent to fossil fuel projects like oil drilling and pipelines.-

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I don’t think this is for non citizen

Looking for non citizen worldwide online bank

Nothing bore nothing.

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They are asking for SSN and permanent US address which I don’t have

hiya @Jose_Perroti

I think everyone can apply for SSN. Gettng address is not an issue, the issue is proof from that address that you are residenting there. Also I think they make ask for Residenty visa on your EU passport and you may apply for StateID but also that need SSN and proof of residency, so everything will depend on how are you gettig that paperwork. ?

Best of luck

American Citizens Abroad (ACA) claims you can open a bank account with the State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU). You don’t have to work for the State Dept to join. You can be a member of any one of many affiliated organizations. ACA is one of those. There may less expensive options on the SDFCU list


SDFCU says:

Gather your Information

Home address, Social Security number, driver’s license / identification card.

(so you also need SSN)