I am looking to open a bank account in the USA although i dont reside there. i am an american citizen but dont live there

The problem with my current US bank account is that it became hard to transfer the money from there and i cannot get ZELLE or other american transfer apps because i am outSide USA and my Logix bank dont work with Venmo ( that i was lucky to join them ) so im looking for another bank that will b easy for me to transfer money to others.

Try the State Department Federal Credit Union. They’ll let you open an account with an overseas address. However, functions like transferring money aren’t at the level of commercial banks.

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Thank you Taufiq

The money transfer Wise offers “Account details” for USD including ACH routing numbers. KYC is required for these account details, but generally not in the country of the currency you’re obtaining “account details” in, and you can choose up to 10 currencies.

I wasn’t going to post this until the @taufiq.choudhury comment above made me think Wise’s industry standard transfer services vs. that credit union might make up for the differences between their bank-like service and actual landed USA banks. FYI I’ve heard Wise might be ineligible for receiving pension payments e.g. USA-based Social Security.