Who are the best overseas banks with above average mobile banking for Americans?

Which overseas banks :

  • Accept American citizens
  • Have above average mobile banking/digital customer experience (mobile apps for android/ios and web apps)
  • Allow you to register and fund your account completely online without needing to talk to anyone

I’m looking into what my options are as an American citizen who is interested in opening an overseas bank account with the least amount of pain/friction possible.

By overseas bank, I mean it should be a bank where I would be required to file an FBAR to report it to the IRS. I’m not sure if revolut or wise would be an ‘overseas bank’ under this definition.

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I’d also be interested in such a thing, and for a brief period there was a “bank” (licensed EMI) that satisfied all those requirements:

I believe the subtext of this article is that the EMI sector (including the 2 EMIs you mentioned) is becoming verboten to USA based clients. But that was also declared before N26 tried to move into the USA market so I’d start by looking for other companies doing the same.

For instance CurrencyFair (though not a bank), an Irish company which recently merged with another more global one, was recently licensed in all 50 states.

There are other forums (which I think it’s against the rules to mention here) which cater to “overseas” business propositions where you can find your question asked literally with a few more tenative answers.

For the record the good news is that you’re only strictly required to file an FBAR if you have at least $10K equivalent in all non-USA accounts… though people with some tax profiles may be asked to file it “no matter what” on some other tax form.

What is your use case? This seems like an A-B question

A normal banking service I can use that allows me to do mobile deposits transfer funds to and from my onshore bank and exchanges (forex/crypto), get a credit card etc…

You probably need to focus your search on the first item. If you get the second then it’s bonus. I think you can pretty much forget about the third.

No bank really wants Americans. They’re regulatory poison.

Why does it need to be an offshore bank then? That just sounds like a US bank. Maybe one that can do swift transfers somehow