I'm in Canada. What kind of offshore banks can I open remotely?

Hi guys,

I’m in Canada.
What kind of offshore bank accounts (or online bank accounts) can I open without living this country?
Would you please give me a list?
and which ones would you recommend? and which ones send me a VISA debit card?

I’ve heard I can open a bank account in Caribbean and Belize without visiting their bank locations.
and I like the idea of online banks like N26.

I want to know the best offshore bank options which can be handled remotely.



What’s your purpose for opening an offshore account?

In any case, probably the easiest would probably be TransferWise Borderless or LeoPay—although they aren’t really “proper” bank accounts. Yet they do function as bank accounts in most respects, and might be sufficient depending on why you need them in the first place.

There are some more options in this thread:

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I’m trying to switch to the global digital nomad lifestyle so I need to move all of my money out of current Canadian bank account before I move to Hong Kong and set up a new account there.
I need an international solution like TransferWise borderless bank.

I’ve heard you can open accounts on Belize and Caribbean remotely. Is there any physical & real bank option?
I see there are many new online banks which accept clients worldwide.

Canada is a tightly control little place, unlike some other financial booming countries.
Opening an account can be your nightmare.
Try tangerine.ca

Open an account is quick, higher interest than other banks. You can do most of the banking online. But transfer internationally is limited like other Canadian banks.

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