N26 similar US - EU

From what I read here, N26 bank should soon open to US residents, where one can hold EUR currency and offering european IBAN. Is there any similar bank offer that already exists? Ideally with easy transfer options to american bank accounts as well.

To be clear, the US version will be a USD based account, not an EUR based one.

But back to what you ask, I think perhaps Denizen is the closest product to what you describe. However it’s currently open only to US and Spanish residents. Other than that you of course also have Transferwise Borderless, which also makes it easy to transfer between USD and also will give you both US and EU banking details.

Thanks a lot. Nice idea with Transferwise Borderless.
To be more precise, I was thinking of a solution with a mobile account in US (USD) and same company account in EU (EUR, USD) where ideally money be transferred between accounts from the same mobile app without (or with minimum) cost. Kind of similar to what is offered by traditional banks like Citi or HSBC. If integrated into one virtual account with both US and EU banking details, even better.

How do these mobile banking solutions handle tax residency? Could the european account be opened as a non-resident account?