Get a US issued cards for Online subscriptions/shopping in the states

Hey Guys,

Has anyone managed to subscribe to HBOMAX or other US streaming services if you don’t have a US-issued card?? is there a way to make it work and get the current offer before launch in the next few days?
they only accept cards from banks and financial institutions based in the U.S.
Any suggestions to get a prepaid US card or open a digital bank account in the US for non-residents?

Thanks for advance for your counsel

why not get a free streaming service such as cyberflix or cinema hd?

Actually I love the content of HBOMAX and I’m looking to switch from Netflix so do you think there is a way to subscribe using a prepaid US card or by opening a digital account in US banks like chime/Charles Schwab without SSN or verification, I’m not just looking for streaming also will use that for Amazon Music and other shopping that require US-issued cards?
I’m struggling for some time to find a way to overcome that restriction knowing that it’s so hard to open a US bank account without a visit to the branch not to mention how difficult it’s for nomads, so do guys have any suggestions on the matter?

have you thought about using a cryptocurrency debit card ? there are a few websites that have those such as

looks promising but it’s not live yet, I just signed up to be on the waitlist nevertheless do you think I can top up the card using my international MC?
and what other alternatives do you suggest to have a US issued card I do use Revolut Euro card but it’s not accepted by US merchants even though I do have US $ in the account?

can I open an account with uphold and get verified if my country of residence is france?

People claim this works. Haven’t tried it because I don’t need it. The SDFCU (State Dept. Federal Credit Union) lets you open an account online. They offer 3 types of credit cards. Two require you show your 2 most recent pay stubs, of if self employed your last 2 years tax returns. One type is secured by a $250 or more deposit into a savings account.

If you’re not a State Dept employee, you can join if you’re a member of an affiliated organization. This one allows non-US residents to join:

Membership in SDFCU requires you to verify your identity with copies of Proof of Identity (US Passport, or state issued driver’s license or ID card), Proof of SSN (the card, or form SSA-1099), Proof of Date of Birth (same as for identity plus birth certificate) and Proof of Residency (Deed, Mortgage statement, Property tax bill, lease, utility bill with the same mailing and service address). People claim foreign addresses work. I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.

thanks for the suggestion but I suppose after all the research I went through it’s nearly impossible to open a US bank account without SSN/ITN even digital banks like Revolut/Monzo in the US will still require SSN documents, that said, the only option left would be via crypto trading account using uphold or wirex, what do you make of that and what’s your recommendation to get a crypto debit card?

Oops. Missed where you said no SSN in your 2nd post.

no worries :slight_smile:

I haven’t used this myself but possibly something like could work. High fees though.

You could try Sable, Passbook or Monzo US.
Both Sable and Passbook don’t require SSN.
I am not sure about Monzo US.
Still you need a US mail address and US phone number which you can get from Google voice.
For US mail address, you can rent one or maybe some nomads in US can help you.

thanks will check it out

passbook requires an invitation, can you share an invite?

I don’t have invitation link. I just joined their waiting list.
Then after some days, I got their inviting email.
I can’t sign up for passbook as they need proof of address and US visa.
I have neither of the two.

I recommend you to sign up for Sable first as they only require US visa and passport only.
I have made an appointment for US visa which is delayed weeks already due to COVID-19.
I’ll share more details once I have any updates.

Passbook only needs ID+proof of address (which is arguably easier to get than ID+visa/I-94 that sable requires).

I came across a new player called Bambu. They don’t require a SSN/ITIN, and they even go a step further to specifically state that they don’t care about your visa/immigration status! Their primary target audience appears to be immigrants from latin america, so that makes sense.

They offer a US bank account and visa card. Terms are generally okay, but note the 3% foreign transaction fee and ATM fee.

I have no interest in signing up myself, so no idea if they require proof of address, but it is possible that they only require some form of ID (e.g. passport). Try and let us know.

I got the invite from passbook, will proceed with sign up but any recommendation to get a valid US number and virtual delivery address for card delivery?
any ideas how to get US number with Google Voice and get a forwarding number?