Options to create an overseas online Bank account for argentinians

Hi! I am from Argentina and we have a serious issue to have our savings safe.

I tried PayPal but I have a .AR account so that´s not good, I need a bank account anywhere else to link another Paypal Account to it or another option like Payoneer or whatever. Bear in mind that in Argentina we CAN¨T go to an ATM to withdraw dollars (I have a few dollars in my Paypal account want to keep my new account in dollars).

So, is there a way to open, no in-person, just online, a bank account in any country to receive payments from the U.S.A? and to withdraw it with no problem? ok, maybe I have to travel to Uruguay to get an ATM to pick up the money, but it can be done, the real thing is to get an overseas bank account that can´t be blocked by my country

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve been using Payoneer. It’s not a bank account, but at least you can keep your savings somewhere else :wink:

Hi, Alex and thanks for your reply.