Best bank to receive USD for Latin citizen? (non-EU, non-US)

I get paid as a freelancer in USD . I have an N26 account as a former EU resident (no EU citizenship), but it converts, of course, money into EUR, and I think I can lose money like that, eventually.
Are there any entities where you open an account in USD, where you get a debit card and have a way to withdraw money around the world with low fees?
Thanks in advance!

Consider Transferwise and Perfect Money

If you sign up for Transferwise as a resident of Latin America, you’ll most likely not get local US banking details nor would you be eligible for a debit card.

If you still have friends or family in the EU, try signing up for Transferwise with their address. This way you’ll get local bank details in more currencies (including USD) and a debit card.

Payoneer is another option that allows you to receive USD and provides a debit card. However, Payoneer has more fees than Transferwise.