US Resident - getting some regular payments in Euro

What’s the best account to collect these payments. I don’t have a traditional bank account in Europe. I was thinking of opening a Transferwise or N26 account, what’s recommended?

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As far as I am concerned, I use both. Depending on your residence country. I am in Malta so N26 doesn’t accept Maltese residency, so I registered with my French address. Wise works well too. So I receive money in both accounts 50% each. Avoid Revolut, it’s a pain in the neck, they block your account if you receive what they consider as too much money.
If you are US resident, you may have trouble with both as European financial entities hate to deal with Americans.


@stpqls we use Wise to receive EUR payments. (We opened Wise account in the US.)

Payoneer is best for these types of payments for me.