Opening N26 from Argentina—is it possible?

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It is necessary to know if the N26 account can be opened in some way from Argentina and if it serves as a blocked account required by the consulate to obtain the Visa.

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If you have a friend or family member in Europe, you can open an N26 account with their address and your passport from Argentina. The address must be in a European country that N26 supports. Otherwise, if you’re visiting Europe, you can also try using the address of the hotel you will be staying at. See this article for more details.

I don’t see why the N26 account shouldn’t be accepted by a consulate since it’s a licensed bank. The N26 app allows you to download your monthly bank statements in PDF format which you can also print as proof.

Si tienes un amigo o familiar que vive en Europa, puedes intentar a abrir la cuenta de N26 con su direccion y tu pasaporte de Argentina. La direccion tiene que estar en un pais de Europa que N26 soporta. Otra opcion es si visitaras a Europa, también puedes intentar usar la dirección del hotel en donde quedaras. Hay mas informacion aqui.

No creo que tendras problemas con la cuenta porque N26 es un banco con licencia. La aplicaciĂłn N26 le permite descargar sus extractos bancarios mensuales en formato PDF que puedes imprimir.

No. At least when trying with a spanish address, the registration process asks for a NIF (Fiscal ID Number)

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Interesting, I was never asked for an NIF when I signed up back in 2018. Perhaps they changed it now ever since they started offering Spanish IBAN support.

If a Spanish tax number is required I believe you can request it from your Spanish consulate. I had to get an NIE number before I applied for my Spanish visa, all I had to do was fill out a form and make a payment. They then emailed me a PDF with the NIE number.

No luck. I asked for a NIE and was denied. They said that I needed a letter from the bank saying that I wasn’t required to go to Spain to open the account.


I’ve opened my N26 from Argentina. Went to the spanish consulate in Buenos Aires, asked for a NIF, no problem at all. (NIF is for fiscal purpouses, NIE is to move to Spain, it’s the local version of CUIT vs DNI extranjero)
Then he account opening with that (changed de first M of the NIF with a 0 at N26 registration because the sistem didn’t recognize it valid with the first letter), and that was it.

The check call with them was with my argentinian passport, no problem, and the address of my brother in law from Madrid, where they sent the card.

Hope this helps

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Fabricio, thanks for your help and encouragement. I’ve had no luck yet. Asked for a NIF and they had a list of requeriments to get a NIF that started with “Ser español”, I am going to try again next time I go to the city bringing with me copy of the pages of Agencia Tributaria that say that non-spanish can get a NIF, also I’ll try again to get the NIE (they said me that maybe a note saying that I want to open a bank account could be enough) and would try to get an italian codice fiscale, that seems to be easier (I can get an Italian address to receive the cards too)

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I’ve filled the consulate online form to get a turno (idk the English word Jajaja). And went directly the day appointed.
Planned to say that I have some online clients that requested a bill from me to declare in Spain, but no one asked to know why, just that I wasn’t planning to live in Spain so I didn’t need a NIE.
Maybe now there’s a lot of argys trying to do the same and they’re more cautious.

If you can get an Italian, and also have and address there, I’d recommend you to go that way, will be more easy