N26 in spain

can i use my n26 account as my only bank account legally in spain.? i ask incase when i apply for spanish residencia i quote n26 as my spanish bank account.although it has my spanish address there is no spanish iban.just german iban

For residency, you’re usually just required to show bank statements, which you can export from the N26 app. They won’t care if you don’t have a Spanish IBAN. Most people applying for Spanish residency from outside the EU wouldn’t even have an IBAN and they wouldn’t care as long as you can show bank statements.

If your N26 card was delivered to you in Spain, it likely has a Spanish bin number and will be recognized as a Spanish card. This is useful since some online services require a Spanish debit/credit card for payment (e.g. Orange mobile top-ups).

You may run into the rare situation that requires a Spanish IBAN. In that case, N26 suggests contacting the consumer rights agency in Spain to complain.

Otherwise, you can try opening a fee-free bank account in Spain (e.g. Imaginbank, Openbank, BBVA Online). There’s also a new service called BNC10 that is promising a Spanish IBAN when they launch in the future.

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interesting .thanks

N26 are now offering Spanish IBAN for new account holders in Spain. Over the summer they will extend the offer to existing account holders.

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