How to open N26 account from outside Europe

Hi guys,
I am a French citizen living in Brazil and I would to open a N26 bank account from Brazil using my french mobile phone number.
I followed all the steps to open account and the last step asked me to enable the geolocation in order to avoid frauds attempts.
I stopped to this step and started this topic with you guys trying to find a technical solution.
I have installed ExpressVPN on my smartphone and chose a french server but I still have a brazilian IP adress.
Does anyone have a solution for this issue ?
Many thanks

If it’s showing Brazilian IP address, it’s a VPN related problem.
I’ve successfully registered N26 without any problem.
You should try switch to other VPN providers.
Most of VPN providers have 30 day money back guarantees.
FYI, I used flyvpn which is working fine.

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Hi Luke,
thank you for your answer and advice.
I tried another time and succeeded with ExpressVPN !

Hi @alzaro .
Can you please advise did you have any problems because of location?
I am Croatian who currently lives in Saudi Arabia. I used to live in Slovakia and I have an address there. I connected via VPN Express to SIovakia and went to open N26 but when I got to location, it showed my location in Saudi Arabia. I registered anyway. Did you have any issues with that?
Can you apply again if they decline once?

Thank you