Curve app in Switzerland or outside EU/EEA

Hey guys,

Has anyone based in Switzerland or outside the EU/EEA managed to find a way to subscribe to Curve (


@arvindiyengar posted this a while ago:

Personally, I signed up from Canada and I have been using it here for extended periods of time without issues but I do have a legit EU footprint, have some EEA-issued cards linked in the app and use the card within the EEA from time to time (well, pre-Covid-19 at least). YMMV.

I signed up for curve when I lived in Spain for a few months. I used my Airbnb address to receive the card. Unlike Revolut and other banks/services, they didn’t require any verification of my ties to Spain (e.g. residence permit).

I have been outside of Europe for 5 months and haven’t had any issues using my card. Majority of my cards linked to curve are from European banks. I will report back if Curve ever contacts me regarding my EU/EEA residency.

Perhaps using the card to purchase something online in Euros occasionally can help avoid such inquiries.

Thanks guys. My problem is that I’m currently in Switzerland and they won’t let me open an account , even with an EU phone number, passport, etc…

Did you try with an EU or UK address, then just have the card forwarded to Switzerland?

I didn’t even get to that part. Very early in the process of opening the account this message shows up saying that Curve is not available in Switzerland (and I was using VPN). I’ll try again though…

Interesting, so even before entering any address details, the app recognized you as being in Switzerland?

Perhaps they are checking your phone’s region settings or the region of your App store to see where you live. I don’t remember the app ever requiring location (GPS) permissions to check your location, hopefully that hasn’t changed.

When I signed up for Curve while in Spain, I set my iPhone’s region to Spain and created a new Apple ID using new details (e.g. new email, Spanish phone #, etc). I then signed in to the App Store using my new Apple ID to download Curve.

I tried again last night and I was able to do it - I had to use different mobile phone and VPN but it worked!

@guifig hey man, I also live in Switzerland. Could you explain me in detail how you’ve managed to do it?
THANKS a lot!