Opening N26 Account

I am currently trying to open an N26 Bank Account.
We are Australian residents with access to a part time address in the UK.
We are unable to download the N26 app due to our region being Australia.
Any suggestions from people having gone through similar is much appreciated.

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If Android, get a VPN app. Go into Android application settings for Play Store and delete data and force stop. Then VPN to UK server. Open Play Store, you should now be able to install the N26 app. Worked for me in Canada last year.

Not sure about iOS.

Hope this helps

The Play Store region is tied to your Google account. It can be changed in account settings but only once every 12 months.

You can work around that using the trick I described above.


Does the same apply for Tide?
I have an IPhone, we cannot download the app due to region also

I downloaded the app while in Spain last week without problems. (Google Play on an Aussie account). Had problems uploading images so haven’t finished yet.

I would like to create a bank account but I cannot manage.

@aerts.noel Have you downloaded the app to your phone and followed the prompts? What is the problem?

@aerts.noel did you click here then follow the steps? At which point are you stuck?