Freelancer Permit

Hi everyone,
I am thinking to apply freelancer Permit. I have moved to Lisbon but I dont have my residence yet I am stil using my residence in Italy. I have got NIF from the tax office, thank’s so much for step by step info from Nomad Gate, it is really helpfull!!!

Now my next step is asking permit as a freelancer and opening Bank Account here. Anybody in Lisbon can help me and who knows we can meet for a cup of coffe. Will be willing to hear any of you in town.


Hi Tina!
Welcome to Portugal!

Usually a freelancer permit usually requires you to start your visa process at the country you have you legal permit or your own country. There is a freelancer residency permit in Portugal but it has some issues about time lines and documents required.

Dear Marilia,
Thank’s for your reply. I am happy finally there is somebody to respond my question :slight_smile: Before living in Lisbon I live in Rome and I have the italian Residence until today and I have also Permit to Stay unlimited since I am married with Italian. To see that opening activities in Portugal seems the rules are lighter compared to Italy, I am thinking to open an activity as freelancer in Portugal. If it is possible and not so complicated regarding the tax and license, etc.

Kind Regards