Details of a lawyer in Portugal to get a remote NIF and bank account

Hi everyone does anybody have details of a lawyer that can get me NIF n Bank account remotly please.thanks

Contact of a good Portuguese lawyer please

Hello Parvin

It’s possible to remotely open an account with some Portuguese banks, and I got my NIF through one of them. They sent me some documents to sign before the Portuguese consul and return to them.

Hi have you got the contact number of the lawyers please

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I got it done through Millennium Bank, not any lawyer.

Another option is to get both of these done by Using the code “nomadgate” will give you a €10 discount on each.

I’m using the services of the following who are supporting me with everything needed, from NIF, lawyers, investment options and many more. Highly recommended.

Hi Taufiq
can you plz guide about your experience of GV and which property agent you selected?

Hi Adam

I had made the GV invest before 2022. A woman helped me select an eligible apartment, renovate it, rent it out and manage it. This was very cost effective and I’m appreciative of her help.

Unfortunately, she became quite disengaged after the first year. It was difficult to reach her. The final issue was when she sent me a tax bill that included a penalty for missed payment and she didn’t tell me about the penalty until I confronted her. I found a management company to take over from her. I wouldn’t recommend her to anyone because of my experience with her.

Before I met the person above, I was communicating with Gonçalo Chaves of Homey. He was very helpful in taking me to several properties and introducing me to lawyers. However, the costs of buying from owners/builders would have been significantly higher and we ended up finding someone who represented us. Even though I ultimately did not use Gonçalo’s services leading to an investment, I believe he’s a helpful agent, albeit representing the seller’s interest. I’m not sure whether their company helps with finding GV properties outside of Lisbon.

In my Google search I did see there’s a company that represents the buyers. Unfortunately, I don’t remember it’s name.

It may help you to know that the buyer’s agent gets a share of the seller’s agent’s fee and shouldn’t require additional fees from you.

Good luck with your search.


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Dear Taufiq

Thanks a lot for the information, i have planned to use Mercan, which lawyer you have used and have you got the cards?
Plz also give some piece of advise as you have gone through the process


Hi Adam

The lawyer who helped me in preparing and submitting the GV application doesn’t practice law any longer. But his practice has been taken over by someone who’s trying to get a biometrics appointment for me. She is approachable and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her to you. I just made sure with her that she is taking up new cases. Here’s her contact info:

Luciana Moura Lima


Rua Alexandre Herculano nº2, 3º Andar Direito

1150-006 Lisboa

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. I was in your situation three years ago and desperately sought any information and guidance I could get.

Good luck!


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Hi can someone please help me to understand in having a NIF…I’m a UK citizen and if I get a NIF online and not living in Portugal at present DO I HAVE to pay taxes in Portugal as well as the uk. As im not working at the moment, unemployment. But i would like the chance to live in Portugal in the near future.
Someone please help.