NIF application for non-EU citizen newly residing in Portugal

Hi, I’m a non-EU citizen who’s moving to Portugal soon. Portugal is where I’ll be residing in the foreseeable future. Can I apply for NIF with my new Portuguese address (and non-EU passport)?

If yes, will I need a tax representative or anything else? I understand non-EU citizens residing outside of the EU need this, but if I’m residing in Portugal?
And, what kind of documents are acceptable as proof of my Portugal address? Does it need to be a utility bill or another official document (can’t open a local bank account before obtaining NIF…), or can it also be a letter addressed to me for a sim-card delivery, or Revolut statement, for example? Suggestions welcomed.

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A change since the last post in that thread is NIFs can be requested online. You’ll need a financial representative to make the request, as they have to provide their identity numbers. Too many claim the financial representative is liable for your taxes if you don’t pay. That’s false. It does, however, steer clients to people who will be your fin rep for a fee. I’ve yet to see a lawyer’s or a law firm’s site that claims they’re liable for their fin rep client’s taxes. I have found ones that unambiguously say they’re not, e.g.


2. Proceed with the payment of the taxes, having previously received the necessary funds from the Client.

"The Client will:
10. Provide TMPARTNERS with the necessary funds to allow the tax payments to be made on time, as well as the fines which are caused by the client, created with or without negligence. " (in English)


“He may respond for tax violations of the person he represents, but never have to pay taxes owed by him. Only in case of being a manager of goods or rights of the emigrant, is the tax representative “jointly and severally liable for all contributions and taxes of the non-resident relative to the exercise of his office”, thus being obliged to pay the taxes of the represented .” (in Portuguese. Chrome browser translates)

I assume you’ll need proof of address even for the online request. Once you’re in Portugal you could use your lease and 2 witnesses to get an Atestado de Residencia. Instructions from a translated versions of a how-to post for Brazilian students. I ‘fixed’ the awkward English:

  • For the parish where you reside, go to the Juntas de Freguesia - in English that’s Parish Council.
  • Bring 2 witnesses who live in the Parish. They must have their Portuguese Identity Card;
  • Apply for the Atestado de Residência, for the purpose of proving residence in the country;
  • Witnesses sign the application.
  • Present your Passport, NIF.
    (Some forum dwellers say you also need something with your name and the address - but you only need an Atestado if you can’t provide such proof!)
  • Pay (sources say 5-10E)
  • Confirm the delivery date of the document (2-3 days)
  • Look for the paper in the Parish Board. (No idea how to fix this translated Portuguese…)

Thanks pbm for the link.
And thanks dancebert for that addition, very helpful! :slight_smile:
So as a non-EU/EEA, for the purpose of getting NIF I’d need an Atestado de Residencia? A simple proof of address (such as bank statement etc) won’t be acceptable for a non-EU/EEA applicant?

Check out Facebook group 'Americans & Friends PT". In their files and search function you can find out any answer to your questions about getting residency in Portugal. And if you want additional info just post a question for the group on the member’s page. You need to join the group first, of course, but they are an incredible resource for all expats wanting to live in Portugal.

Thanks! Appreciated :slight_smile: